The secret to a settled baby

Settling Baby

Help with settling baby.

Is there a secret to a settled and happy baby? Yes, I think there is!

In our household, we have always used my music to help if our babies have been unsettled. For example, during the hiccups we might sing ‘Hiccups Please Go Away’ (while we bounce), before rest time sing ‘Have a Little Rest’, during nappy change time sing ‘Changing the Nappy’ and during an unsettled tummy time sing ‘Tttt Tum’ etc.

And if you havn’t already, it’s most definitely worth taking a look here, however this post, I believe, contains the secret to changing our view on baby settling.

I truly believe that the secret to a happy, settled baby is:


When it comes to looking after our new baby, it can be so easy to focus all of our attention on this. So much so, that we forget to think about or look after ourselves.

Even taking a shower can be such a mission. This however, I believe is the key to your baby’s happiness.

It all stems from you and me. If we can look after ourselves, get ourselves feeling good and happy, then most of the time, baby will follow in mood.

Now I know that sometimes there will be instances where there is actually a problem, such as teething, reflux, hunger or tiredness and no amount of mummy feeling great will touch the sides. However, if this feel good mood doesn’t rub off on baby, then at least being in this state of happiness means we can cope better and have the brain space to hear that inner voice (mothers instinct) when it tells us what to do.

Now all this sounds good in theory BUT…

How on earth do we find time each day to look after ourselves?

This is 100% personal. For me, I don’t have the luxury of family close by to help each week. For some, this is the answer to time alone and space.

My solution is to tag team with the hubby, head to the gym or call in a sitter. It’s gotten to the point where we have noticed just how much we need this self care time, that we have had to schedule it in and write it on the calendar.

It’s hard, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s worth it. A settled mummy, is a settled baby. And if not a settled baby, then it’s a happy mummy who can now deal with settling the little one 🙂

It’s a simple revelation but easy to forget. I’m hoping this has reminded you too to set aside that special time out for yourself each week. You are worth it and everyone, including baby, will thank you for doing it!

Lots of love,

Kris xxx

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