The perfectly imperfect parent

kristinagPerfectly imperfect. I love it. It’s something I’m coming to terms with.

As a mum of two boys under the age of 4 years and another on the way, an immaculate kitchen, polished floors and neatly folded clothes is something of the past.

Instead, it’s spaghetti thrown around the room like art, ice cream poured into the rug and clothes used as piles to jump from whilst pretending to be a super hero.

During the newborn stage it was even worse. The perfect white outfit covered in vomit, the sparkling car covered in crumbs, wrappers, unknown smelly objects and a usually spotless bag filled with empty wrappers, old baby food tubes, spilled formula and hundreds of 5 cent coins.

Lets call it a comedy. Starring me. Or some days, a horror film 🙂

But here’s the thing, being a perfectionist, always wanting the best for the kids and striving to help them in their social, emotional and physical development, is REALLY hard when you are striving for perfection. Clean kitchen, house and children. THAT, takes up the day. The end.

But one day my gorgeous husband (he’s reading this so…) and super amazing, hot and luscious 🙂 (actually, seriously!) mentioned that he would rather come home to mess, me rested and all of us happy. ?!?! So I tried it.

It was messy and not one bit nice. The dishes were falling off the benches, the washing was slung from the rooftop, literally, however the boys and I had played, sung, danced and read together. We even had time to create characters, draw pictures and play make believe. So then when the husband came home…we were imperfectly happy!

Does this mean we’ll live in mess forever and ever amen? N.O. But it does mean that I’m learning how being imperfect can actually be pretty perfect!

Here’s to fun, crazy and messy days!

Kris xo


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