How we delt with sleep regression

Harrison & Vancouver looking after their baby brother.
Harry & Couvie looking after their baby brother.


Sleep regression. I wish I had a magic potion to give you!

The 4 month sleep regression recently hit our house. Loud and clear.

A few mornings ago I read an article which stated that ‘the 4 month sleep regression is here to stay’. The 9 and the 18 month lasts only a few days, however the 4 month regression is…permanent. Yes, that’s the word they used! WHAT?!! Not the best thing to read after a few days and nights of no sleep!!!

Basically at around 4 months everything changes. Where babies used to sleep deeply, around 4 months their cycle starts fluctuating between light and deep sleep, just like ours, and if they haven’t yet learnt the art of self settling, they wake.

So as this new cycle is here to stay for forever (insert me rocking in a corner here), what do we do?

Poor little Beau all out of sorts :(
Poor little Beau all out of sorts 🙁

Dealing with sleep regression:

The suggestions were rocking baby to sleep, swaddling, dream feeds and sleep coaches (once the regression has eased), amongst other ideas.

However, being the perfectionist I am, I continued researching. I read different articles all presenting very different opinions, but in the end the words just got scrambled (much like the eggs I was trying to cook for hubby at the time).

Did I find a solution? Was there a lightbulb moment? Kind of.

That little voice in my head said – Wouldn’t I know best on what to do?

In our family we have learnt that reading information and gathering advice from trusted sources is important. However true magic has happened when we have followed our own instincts. After all, that’s how Bubsi Brain was created!

Which advice did I choose to follow?

My own. First I had a shower, put on some make-up and actually put some thought into what I would wear. I was ready. I could think a little clearer. The boys (Harrison 5 yrs, Vancouver 3 yrs and Beau 4 1/2 months) and I left the house and came back.

Beau was really unsettled and Harrison and Vancouver were fighting about who had ran into the house first (third world problem I know!). So I grabbed my iPhone, threw on our trusty music and flung out all the books.

We sung and read books. This kept Beau (and the older boys) happy while we played, but as soon as we stopped, the tears continued.

I tried to breathe deeply, be calm, enjoyed extra cuddles and kept the coffee on tap.

The cuddles and coffee were on tap.
The cuddles and coffee were on tap.

Did he need tummy time? I tried it…no. Different positions? tried it…no. Hungry? At 4 1/2 months, possibly?! So the boys and I gave it a go.

After a bucket load of rice cereal later, he stopped eating. Was he cured? not quite.

Deep breath, sip of coffee…

The hungry sign, the tired sign. He had just had milk, he had just had a sleep. But I tried it all again and it worked! A full bottle, bed and 2 hours later… he woke!!!

Turns out he was 100% ready for solids and just needed more milk. We all breathed a sigh of relief after what seemed like an eternity of holding our breath.

So who is the expert when dealing with baby sleep regression?

A much happier Beau after a good sleep!
A much happier Beau after a good sleep!

Me! And you! You are the best expert you know!

I was lucky this time around, the solution was found pretty quickly. With my other two boys, the process has taken much longer.

But my point with this blog isn’t on the length of time or the circumstance. It’s to hopefully remind you that even if it doesn’t feel like it at times, you are the best you that there is and even if you need to ask for help (I have many times before), in the end and all the way through…you know best. Trust that and listen to your gut.

You’ve got this!

Love Kris x

Kris is a former Aria Nominated Singer / Songwriter whom has discovered the art of creating happiness and calm through music and books. Her music creates a happy atmosphere and her black and white books engage babies and siblings alike.

More here – MUSIC / BOOKS

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Here's a happier Beau after his big rest and a good vomit :)
Here’s a happier Beau after his big rest and a good vomit 🙂

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