You are amazing!

you-are-amazingThis note is for you.

We as parents experience extreme highs and extreme lows and most of them can happen within minutes of each other.

“I’m so happy, how amazing is my baby?!” to a few minutes later “this is the hardest day of my life!”

Then pile on the “am I doing it right?’ guilt, mix it with lack of sleep and what you have is an emotional parent.

Well today this is for you –

I hope you know that you’re amazing.

You have done the reading or maybe you haven’t, you have your own ideas on what you think is right, trust that. Trust your instinct, know you are amazing.

On the days when it’s hard, it’s not your fault. It just happens, you are doing everything in your power to help, be kind to yourself. Make yourself a cup of tea, read a magazine, you are amazing.

The times when advice is given but you don’t agree, it’s ok, each to their own. You are amazing.

All your dreams and goals which have been pushed to the side will one day happen, don’t worry, you are amazing.

It’s not your fault, you’re doing a great job and yes your instinct is right, trust it. You are amazing x

From one mum to another.

With love,

Kris x

P.s today I say this to myself, please say it to yourself too.

Kris is a former Aria Nominated Singer / Songwriter whom has discovered the art of creating happiness and calm through music and books. Her music creates a happy atmosphere and her black and white books engage babies and siblings alike.

More here – MUSIC / BOOKS


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