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Here are some of our testimonials

Simon loved the books! He loves reading to the kids. And we’re totally hooked on the cd too, gives me goosebumps! Banjo walks around the house singing “here comes the choo choo train, why don’t you jump on board,” so good!

Seriously whenever I put this cd on in my car it goes from unsettled crazy kids to calm and peaceful kiddies. Both Macie and Drew love listening to the songs. Drew gets upset with the little breaks between songs! ha ha

Thank you so much for the wonderful CD. We LOVE it and so does Marlie. I was getting to the point (as a new mum) where I wasn’t really sure how to keep a three month old occupied all day but with this CD we, as a family, sing, dance and laugh so much; it’s just wonderful. When she wakes up in the morning my husband and I sing ‘Good Morning’ to her and she smiles and kicks her little legs in excitement; just beautiful and precious moments. Her favourite song is ‘Everybody Sing’ as we all dance and sing around the front room and Marlie is just beside herself with happiness. The ‘Rest’ and ‘Goodnight’ songs are also great as the association for her and sleeping seems to be working; when she hears those songs she knows it’s her sleep time now; bless! Anyway, thank you again for helping us to create some wonderful memories with our daughter and for helping me to form a routine too.

Absolutely love the CD and never get bored of it. The tunes are soothing and happy and help mum interact with baby in a fun way during the daily routines of feeding, changing, playing and sleeping. You cannot help but smile as you sing along and bubs loves a happy face. My only regret is that I did not get hold of this CD earlier when bubs was a newborn. It is a great gift idea for anyone wanting to give a thoughtful present to a new mother.

Just wanted to let you know we used the CD for our 2 year old – it works great. She’s normally pretty good but when she’s in a bad mood, like yesterday, I let the CD play through and it calmed her down. And our 4 1/2 month old loves it. It’s the perfect background noise for her to sleep.

Chloe and I enjoyed it. We have been playing it in the car. The tunes are very catchy and I find myself singing them during the day!? I like how they are all upbeat, and happy yet gentle and soft. Everybody sing, and peek a boo etc are great to sing along to and practice the actions together (chloe is 11 months old). Thank you.

I recommend it too! Jack likes track 9 especially and what a great way for me the parent to develop a bit of a routine among the disorganisation plus, the songs are catchy without being cheesy or driving you bonkers from playing a lot – great work. I’m going to check out the books next now my 9 week old is looking at things a lot more.

I have listened to the music with my baby. She enjoys hearing the songs. She is now 7 weeks old. I am playing the sleep and soothing music at sleep times and the play songs during awake time. At times we just play all the CD as background music, which she enjoys too.

Just beautiful. The songs seems to encompass the innocence of childhood. Lovely. Emmy (my 9 mth old Daughter) particularly likes the mummy and daddy song and I have used the good morning song with her for a few days. I like how the words are included in the cover insert. I use that a lot to learn the words! The tunes to the songs are great and the repetitive nature of the songs makes it easy for both mum and bubs to learn. I particularly like the extra activities which are included in the CD insert…sometimes I feel void of ideas (baby brain) and the activities have helped me already. I would definitely recommend this!

This is the most amazing CD ever for babies. My little girl loves it and claps her hands with excitement when I play it in the car.

This CD is a lifesaver in the car, for both baby and toddler! Love It!

The books are so lovely, Charlie really does sit still while I read them. It must be the contrasting shapes and black and white images. So good!