Hi I’m Kristina , you can call me Kris.  Meet my family – my husband Jonathon, Harrison (5 years), Vancouver (3 years) and Beau (6 months). We’re slightly nutty, Harrison loves standing on his head, Vancouver thinks he’s a magician and Beau thinks it’s hilarious when the boys scream in his face!

In a former life I was a singer/songwriter and was lucky to have received an Aria Nomination. I enjoy yoga, long showers, playing my guitar and spending hours testing out new hair and make-up styles. Gotcha! That was BEFORE I became a mum.

I NOW spend my days looking after the needs of my boys, pre planning their daily activities, preparing their food and figuring out how to squeeze in a shower and a coffee.

I found becoming a mum hard. As soon as I had given birth to my first son Harrison I became passionate about midwives and new parents. Why? Because the midwives who cared for me saved my sanity and all the new parents coming up after me, I felt I had to help. Help make this transition and life easier. I was used to ALOT of alone time and all of a sudden I had none. PLUS I was responsible for a baby!

I had (and have) a low threshold for crying, fights and tantrums and back in the early day struggled with what to do with my baby during awake time. So after many months of not being ok, I decided to do something to start feeling happy again (you can read my full story HERE). I now write songs to calm my boys down and distract them from extreme emotions.

I also sought the assistance of head Paediatrician Dr John Eastwood. He helped by providing tips on developmental activities, which I then combined with the music. These are yours to use also (more HERE).

Everything which has worked for us you will find here on this website. Life as a new parent can be tricky and we want to help make your first experiences a happy one!

We look forward to doing life with you!


Kris x

Hi I'm Kris



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