Kristina (known as Kris Karhunen if googled) is a former Aria Nominated ABC Kids Artist. When Kris became a mum it was a rude shock. The constant crying, the lack of personal time and lack of sleep.

Having received a Baby Development Guide from the hospital after giving birth to her son (the NSW Government ‘Love, Talk, Sing, Play’ guide), Kris was devastated when she couldn’t follow any of the suggested activities due to her son’s constant crying.

After weeks of trying, Kris gave up. Then she started to do what came naturally to her…sing.

And she discovered that when she sung…her son stopped crying!

Quickly realising that she might be onto something, Kris reached for the Baby Development Guide and started making up songs to match each suggested developmental activity. Peek-a-boo, reaching for objects, practising words etc. it all worked! Her son would stop crying while she sung and in fact would start to smile and try to bop along.

She wrote songs such as ‘Have a Little Rest’, which she sung at the same time each day. After a few days she noticed that her son very quickly settled into a comfortable and happy routine.

This was something she simply had to share.

Enlisting the help of well known Paediatrician Dr John Eastwood, Kris arranged to have Dr. Eastwood look over her lyrics and songs to ensure it was developmentally sound (in regards to corresponding to the NSW Government Guide). This then became the album which today is known as ‘Sing Baby Sing’.

Kris then decided her son needed black and white books to assist in his eye development. So she created beautiful black and white characters called Ribbit the Frog, Hip the Hippo and Ellie the Elephant. These she turned into books.

Her son loved them and would sit on her lap happily as she read them.

Since then, both books and music have been used and loved by parents, carers, daycare centres, speech therapists, paediatricians and maternity wards.

‘It simplifies baby development’ says Dr Jon Eastwood.

‘It settles my baby!’ – says new mum

‘It settles my kids in the car every single time’ – says another mum of 3.

“We used real sounds such as rushing water, tapping on glass and stomping”, explains Kris. “This helps to give baby that familiar type sound which baby has been used to in the womb. The songs are predictable. Baby and parent both relax when used each day”.

Kristina now works in community service, working with families to generate well being and health, while creating her new range of music which will soon be available for toddlers.

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  • Gold Manuscript Award Winner
  • ARIA Nomination for Best Children’s Album – ABC Kids Music
  • ACRA Radio Nomination
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation
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