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For me, the first six months of Harrison’s life (baby num 1) were the hardest months I have ever experienced.

The constant crying, lack of sleep, inability to even find a moment to shower and would you believe it…the absence of my beloved hoop earrings, really started to take a toll.

I was also incredibly driven to ensure I looked after his development as he grew each day. ‘Now it’s time to sleep, time to feed, right, you’re awake, great, lets read and oh, how about a little game of peekaboo!’

No wonder he would cry!

As it turned out though, Harrison was suffering silent reflux. We (husband Jonathon and I), learnt to manage this, however he remained unsettled.

The constant crying made it incredibly hard to connect with him in the way we wanted, or even do anything about his development (now I roll my eyes at myself and think, oh gosh, just cuddle the little guy).

One day, I gave up. The best thing I ever did!

I started listening to him and interacting with him the way he wanted to. Then, naturally, I started making up songs (based on all the development activities I was struggling with).

Jonathon and I also created songs which we sung each time he woke, had a bath and went to sleep, this amazingly helped develop a routine which he comfortably slipped into.

When I sung, the crying stopped! Bliss.

I then created a bunch of black and white characters (as I was also obsessed with the hanging of black and white images around his bed – to assist in eye development), these I made into hard cover books.

Suprisingly, after a milk feed, we would read together and the burps would come up naturally (no crying!). I have since then, also used the books to assist with Vancouver’s flathead (baby num 2), placing the books on the ground to encourage him to favour the side required.

The music and books made Harrison’s (and our) first year a happy one. They have now also been our saving grace in managing two babies both under the age of 3.

We sing the songs and read the books as a family and we’ve also found it a great help in getting Harrison to connect with his little brother. “Come on Harry lets change Van’s nappy”  (we then sing ‘Changing the Nappy’ together). “Lets sing Peek a Boo” (and we sing and play together). To see a jealous older brother warming to the new addition and interacting with him is truly magic!

The music and books were all developed under the guidance of Head Padeiatrician Dr John Eastwood and Music Specialist Mark Walmsley and are Paediatrician Endorsed.

They have since helped many others and have become a staple in many families homes, daycares and cars.

“Seriously whenever I put this cd on in my car it goes from unsettled crazy kids to calm and peaceful kiddies. Both Macie and Drew love listening to the songs. Drew gets upset with the little breaks between songs! ha ha” – Kristy Sheroot (mum of 3).

We invite you to view our customers feedback (view feedback HERE), and look forward to hearing your experiences.

I truly hope these products help you as much as they have me.

Kristina :)

Products are available online or at certain Chemists and Hospital Pharmacies.


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