How to prepare for baby during pregnancy

I remember when I was pregnant with my first son Harrison. My period was late, however I couldn’t be sure, so I ducked into the toilets during my lunch break at work with a test.

I had my First Response Pregnancy Test in hand and after a quick glance, I was relieved that there was only one line… not pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely wanted to have babies, however Jonathon and I were still enjoying our new relationship and we were just about to set off on a cheeky Thailand Getaway.

I went to throw the test out and all of a sudden stopped. There were now…two lines!!!

The rest is history. I stood shaking for awhile and the feeling of shock very quickly turned to excitement, then panic, then back to shock. Jonathon couldn’t have been happier and our cheeky Thailand Getaway changed into a Baby Moon.

During this pregnancy time, I worried. I felt calm, I stressed out and then I worried again. The range of emotions I felt whilst pregnant were huge. I remember standing at the supermarket trying to buy cheese however I had forgotten why I was there, so just started crying hysterically haha.

I became obsessed with my baby’s development and growth inside me. ‘This week my baby is the size of a blueberry; this week a watermelon’. I downloaded Baby Centre’s Pregnancy Tracker. It was so much fun!

I then read every single post I could find on google about new mums, how best to prepare, what to buy for baby, what to pack in the hospital bag, what to eat when pregnant and which routine to follow when baby was born.

I read the books and took on advise – I became an expert. I knew everything there was to know about new babies. I probably even knew more then mums who had babies already, or so I thought 🙂

Then Harrison was born. Wow. My first thought was:

It’s a real baby!’

It was so hard to comprehend. It was SO amazing! I was on a high.

After leaving the hospital and arriving home safely, with new cargo in tow, the biggest shock was his crying. The routines in the books didn’t work or seem to suit, he constantly cried and I was too tired to figure out what to do. It was so hard. Other mums were posting beautiful, happy pictures on facebook and my reality was very different.

I did in the end find a solution so don’t worry or let me panic you, I wrote music and stories which 100% helped (here’s the link if you wanted to read more), however this blog is about what I learnt while I was pregnant, in hopes that it might help/inspire you.

So here’s what I would tell my FIRST TIME PREGNANT SELF:

Enjoy this time – most definitely enjoy tracking baby’s development, preparing clothes, preparing the nursery, going to those important mid wives appointments, it’s amazing. Enjoy the process but also yourself, how amazing is your body?!

Connect with yourself and baby – exercise is so powerful in centering the mind and feeling at one with baby, so is pregnancy yoga. In these times of silence,  I started to really connect with myself and my baby.

Listen to that inner voice – during exercise and yoga, I started to create space in my mind and I became aware if I needed certain foods or needed more water. The more I listened to my body, the more I heard. I also found that as I practised listening to myself (inner voice/mothers instinct), all the books I read became just that, books of facts that were helpful if needed, however were secondary to what my inner voice had to say.

Keep it up -I started doing this alot with my second pregnancy and then when Vancouver was born, I felt I could really hear when the mothers instinct kicked in. Even now, with 3 small boys in tow I find if I’m busy, I don’t hear as much. However if I make time for exercise or yoga, I’m back on track and can hear clearly.

So please, if you’re where I was at, take a note from me and what I have learnt: be easy on yourself, trust yourself and enjoy.

Sending you all the happiness in the world!

Lots of love, Kris xx

To learn more on the music and books Kris created for her children follow the links below.

Sing Baby Sing – sing, play and soothe baby.

Black and White Stories For Babies – help babies eyes grow and develop.




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