Eek my newborn is awake!

awakeDo you remember when your newborn baby suddenly ‘woke up’? Maybe it hasn’t happened to you yet, stay tuned…

You bring him home from the hospital and all he does is eat and sleep. Then after a few weeks after a feed…he’s not asleep! He’s awake!!!

For some, maybe that maternal instinct kicks in and you just breeze through the next part. For me I was stuck and I still to this day remember thinking ‘what do I do with him?’

Do you sing? do you play? tummy time? go for a coffee? and how do you do all this but don’t overstimulate?

Here are some tips on making the most of baby’s awake time.

Hope this helps you relax and find your groove 🙂

1. Enjoy! There is lots of advice out there and we often feel we have to do certain things with baby at certain times. If possible, the best thing I found to do was throw all that out the window and enjoy. The rest comes naturally believe it or not.

2. Get to know him. As baby starts to spend more awake time, this is an exciting time. It’s the time of first smiles, first laughs and possibly even first projectile vomits out in public lol. But this is the time where if you can relax and enjoy, you can then really enjoy getting to know your new little addition. Look into his eyes, hold him close and watch his personalty unfold.

3. Do something you want to do. Since baby has arrived every single thing has been about them. That’s not a bad thing as this is a hugely important and special time, however now it’s time to get you back. What do you love? exercise? going out for a coffee? going to the shops? Whatever it is, go and do it. The best thing is, you have a new mate to do it with. You’ll find that when you do something for yourself, you feel happy, which then rubs off on baby. Two happy campers 🙂

4. Relaxed play. With both my babies I wanted to do activities which helped them with their development. The problem with this was that I put way too much pressure on myself. Thankfully I made up some songs which helped. Now I turn on the Sing Baby Sing CD, let baby enjoy some time on the mat and when I feel like it, lay next to him and sing along. Babies loves music and this music uses instruments and sounds which have been proven to create a happy feeling within babies and adults. Click HERE for more.

5. Tummy time. Some babies love tummy time, some hate it. Either way it’s great to do on the change table after a nappy change or even on a mat in a safe place on the floor. I personally loved laying my boys down on the ground with the Bubsi Brain Black and White Books which they loved, the contrast in the colours kept their attention and helped them lift their head. Best part about it was that the images were helping their eyes develop.

6. Music. I found that bringing music into the home and the car helped me feel better and kept my babies feeling calm and happy. It can be anything (prehaps not heavy metal lol), but anything soothing or upbeat. Our Bubsi CD has been a staple for us at home and especially in the car. For some reason, it magically keeps the kids calm and happy – bliss. Watch how it works HERE.

And lastly, listen to your gut and trust yourself. My tips too are just advice. You are your own boss, own person and the only mum or dad that your baby has. This makes you the best and the only one who knows what’s best for your baby. Enjoy being you and enjoy your new little addition, hope Bubsi Brain helps you along the way.

Kris xx

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