6 – 12 Months

6 - 12 Months6 – 12 months

Look who’s turning into a little individual?! It’s hard work being a baby; learning to walk, talk and interact. This truly is a special time for both you and bubs. There are many things you can do to assist in bubs development now, but the best thing to do is embrace how your baby is developing and interact with him/her accordingly, no need to rush – enjoy!

Key Developmental learnings

Development of:

  • Personality – becoming an individual
  • Large body movements – sitting, crawling, pulling to stand and walking
  • Small body movements – holding (rattle etc.), picking up and throwing objects
  • Feeding – holding a spoon or cup / attempting to self feed
  • Memory and recognision – will recognise people/places and be scared of strangers or objects
  • Interaction skills – play hide and seek with people and objects
  • Language – will repeat sounds and gestures
  • Response – will respond to own name
  • Speech – will start saying certain words like mama and dada
  • Hand Coordination – waving goodbye

What can you do to help bubs along developmentally?

Sing Baby Sing – Busi Brain’s album covers the below areas, along with providing further suggestions on other activities


Create a calm, happy and safe environment – as baby grows, they will need to feel this reassurance. All of the routine based songs in Bubsi Brain’s ‘Sing Baby Sing’ album assist in you creating this.

Self Discovery

Encourage your baby to play on their own while you are close by. Provide containers (for pouring water or clapping together), cups and other safe household items to play with.

Playing the bubsi brain music assists in creating a happy environment for you and baby as you play.


Encourage observation as you look in the mirror together; point out trees, birds, cars, what you are eating etc. You may be suprised at what your baby understands and says.


When your baby makes sounds, copy and make the sound back and forth, like a conversation.

Create nightime routine

Read a book and sing the same lullaby; this is a great way to soothe baby to sleep.

Encourage touch

Showing your baby pictures (allowing them to touch) and give toys and other safe objects to play with;  he/she will start to discover senses. Also allow baby to touch your face – a beautiful way to connect.

Sing, play songs and read

Singing and reading to baby can help create a sense of happiness, security and love. It’s also a fabulous way to go about your day.

Actions and movement – play games that have actions and movement, play peekaboo and hide toys, encouraging baby to find them. You will also notice baby starting to open and shut doors and drawers, this is all part of his/her discovery.


Baby doesn’t stop wanting to discovery even though it’s bath time. Why not provide safe toys for him/her to play with or have fun using everyday household items such as containers or a water bottle.

Encourage motor skills

Roll a ball for baby to crawl after, clap hands and encourage to hold a spoon and cup. This all helps the development of motor skills.

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