2 – 6 Months

2 - 6 Months2 – 6 months

Now that bubs is starting to settle in a little, you will notice that he/she will start to interact more and develop social skills. Even as early as this, you should start to see hints of this little persons unique personality. Everyday is filled with wonder.

Key Developmental Learnings

Development of:

  • Social skills and understanding
  • Vision
  • Interaction skills and copying sounds
  • Sleep – sleep less
  • Large body movements such as sitting with support
  • Raising head and chest when laying on stomach
  • Rolling both ways from stomach to back
  • Reaching, grasping and shaking objects
  • Hearing – ability to hear and respond ie/ to their name
  • Recognision – recognising places and faces etc.

Create happiness

Creating a happy and calm environment is a beautiful way to encourage your baby to feel safe, loved and secure.

Bubsi Brain’s album ‘Sing Baby Sing’ helps create a happy atmosphere and if used and sung to baby daily can help in baby feeling safe, secure and happy. 


Smile, kiss and hug baby. Encourage family and siblings to interact and play with baby also (peek a boo, round and round the garden etc), this is extremely positive, as it assists in social development.


Copy your babies sounds and facial expressions, you will be amazed at just how much your baby understands. Sing songs and play games such as clapping hands, and poking out your tongue (waiting a moment to watch if they respond).


Sit baby in your lap and reading to him/her, it helps create a ‘feel good’ time and a positive feeling surrounding stories and rhymes (all designed to ignite children’s imaginations – a very important part of the brain).


Provide objects for your baby to discover and put in their mouth (being careful to always keep watch and allow only large safe objects).


Encourage reaching and try dangling objects away from baby. You will come to notice which toys and objects are the favourites.

Floor time

Place your baby in different positions on the floor; this encourages him/her to explore themselves, how they move and their surroundings.

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