0 – 2 months

0-2-months0 – 2 months 

Welcome to the world bubba! This is a beautiful and sometimes trying time for many. Some professionals even call this time the fourth trimester, as bubs behaviour is still very much womb like, as he/she learns to adjust to his/her surroundings. Developmentally, the greatest thing you can show your bub at this time is love.

Key Developmental Learnings

Development of:

  • Creating a bond with you
  • Appearance – during the first few weeks, your baby may change colour and/or change in head shape
  • Grasp reflex
  • Facial expression – smiling and laughing
  • Hearing – listening to voices etc
  • Coordination – kicking legs
  • Eating and sleeping patterns

What can you do to help bubs along developmentally?

Sing Baby Sing – Busi Brain’s album covers the below areas, along with providing further suggestions on other activities

Give love and affection

Cuddle and kiss baby to help make them feel secure and loved.


Look at babies face when they look at you (helps bonding and brain development).


Apply gentle touch to help make your baby feel loved. You could stroke your baby and gently move arms / legs up and down or hold babies hand and let him/her grip your finger.


Try to establish routines for bath and sleep times, consistency each day will aid in babies sense of security.


Sing or repeat the same song/lullaby each day, especially around bedtime, as lullabies assist in soothing and settling.


Respond to babies sounds, smile and talk back.