Chicken Poop, Fake Tan and Finding the Passion!

Today I arrived home to discover that one of the boys had left the back door open and the chickens had made themselves at home. I then noticed that they had pooped in my clean washing!!! Noooooooooo!!!

How's the tan?! Haaaaa :)

How’s the tan?! Haaaaa 🙂

What did I do? Something I never would have done in the past. I took a deep breath, stepped over the poop and went off in search of my new moroccan self tan, leaving the boys to fight over their ice blocks while Beau watched on.

Now I’m going to be a girl and side track for a minute 🙂 Bear with me, I have a point….

Sometimes, most times actually, it’s tough not to be too hard on ourselves. With babies and toddlers, there’s always something to worry about, so much so, that we often forget about ourselves.

Recently I felt myself sink into abit of a hole.

No one would have known. I remained happy and chirpy on the outside but on the inside, I had given up. I felt numb. 

I gave up on eating well, exercising, singing, writing and caring about my appearance. Throwing on any old thing, the only thing I cared about were my boys – Harry 5 years, Couv’s (Vancouver) 3 years, Beau (8 months) and hubby.

It wasn’t until we were away on a recent weekend camping trip, when I looked at myself in the mirror. 

I felt gross and to be honest, I looked gross too! That was when I decided that enough was enough.

So after speaking to hubby about it, who agreed that I did seem to have withdrawn, I decided to start giving to myself again.

1. Passion.

I have my best friend to thank for this part. She recently wrote her first album. After spending a lifetime of dreaming about it, she started practising and writing a few times a week. She did this for a year and now has herself a beautiful album. She also became passionate, energised and I got my best friend back! So, I too decided to plug into my passion. Firstly, I started doing something I’ve wanted to do for ages, I started songwriting again. I was already playing music and singing with the boys before bath time, so I just started taking a few extra minutes and playing around with some tunes and words. The feeling I got in return was adrenalin, energy and excitement.

2. Self Care

I then pretended I had no kids and thought about what I wanted to do for me. I love the gym, so I spoke to hubby and we found a solution. I now go to the gym 2 – 3 days a week while the boys are at pre school and drop Beau off into the creche. 

After that, I decided to change my diet. I needed more energy! So again, Hubby and I sat down and created healthy meal options. Turns out that I LOVE creating fun, new, out of the box meals for us all!

And now, finally, that brings me back to where I started. Sorry! You still with me? Door left open, chicken poop, moroccan tan…

So, because I have been doing these things for myself (amidst the craziness), instead of having a meltdown when I walked in the door to see the chickens, I felt good, so was able to deal with the situation differently. I’m also finding I’m a better mum!

I used to think I had no time. Turns out, I was able to find it!

I’m hoping that if you’re reading this and feel how I felt, that you’re able to get back to what you’re passionate about too! Energy, passion and a renewed zest for life awaits you, I promise!

Lots of love,

Kris xx

Kris is an Aria Nominated Singer / Songwriter whilst performing at ABC Kids. She is now a mum and creates happy music and books for babies and toddlers. MUSIC / BOOKS


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