Bubsi Brain Music

Bubsibrain’s music was developed from the NSW Government Love, Talk, Sing, Play Manual (a development guide for babies & toddlers). Created by mum and former ABC Kids Artist Kris Gowlland, under the guidance of head Paediatrician Dr John Eastwood. Paediatrician Endorsed.


Double CD (Playtime/Sleeptime)

Creating a happy and secure feeling for baby through music.

How does it work?

Each song coincides with a developmental milestone, corresponding directly to the NSW Government Love Talk Sing Play Manual. The music also features real life sounds such as rushing water, tapping on glass and stomping, which assists in settling baby.


To help baby develop a routine, sing the routine song at the same time each day. Baby will come to learn the cue i.e it’s sleep time. Having this constancy with the music aids in baby feeling safe and secure.

Sing ‘Have a Little Rest’ – for daytime sleep

Sing ‘End of the Day’ – for nighttime sleep

Sing ‘Good Morning To You’ – when it’s morning time


Each song has a jingle for regular activities you do around the house. I.e. changing the nappy, bath time, tummy time etc. It’s a great way to involve older siblings too.

Engagement concept: allocate 15 minutes each day during baby’s awake time, turn on the music (CD or iPhone) and have the big kids sing to baby with you. Follow along with the actions and the words.


If used consistently throughout the day (even if it’s just playing in the background or in the car), you will find that this assists baby in identifying the music as their happy and safe music.

Press play to assist in stopping tears (especially in the car) or engage older siblings too. I.e. baby is crying, pass the iPhone to an older sibling, press play and watch how proud they become when little baby brother or sister stops crying.

Or use the white noise / instrumental CD.


The to and fro which happens between parent and baby is not only special, but important. Baby smiles, parent smiles and so on. This is how baby learns and this eye contact assists in building a secure and healthy attachment and bond with parent/carer.

For this reason, Bubsibrain has created music to assist with helping you form that special bond; which helps baby feel happy and secure.

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