Bubsi Brain Music

A soundtrack to a happy home.

Play it in the car and use it at home to help keep everybody feeling calm and happy. Can also help with daily routine as you sing songs like Bath Time, Changing the Nappy, Tummy Time and Have a Little Rest.

How does it create a happy and secure feeling for baby?

The songs were created using happy melodies, chants, and real life sounds which have been proven to stimulate happiness.

Repeating the songs each day then gives a feeling of consistency, helping baby to also feel secure.

Babies love repetition. When babies hear the same song over and over again, they feel safe and comfortable. – NSW Health

‘The songs are short and sweet, making them easy to learn and use throughout the day!’

‘I found that after a week of singing the songs my baby started to look more settled. She knew what was coming up next!’

‘Our little boy just loves your music! It’s been a life saver for in the car as well as great for settling. Thank you!!’

LOVED by mums, maternity wards and childcare centres, read feedback HERE.



* Routine songs

* Playtime songs

* Chants and melodies

CD includes illustrated booklet with lyrics, additional settling tips and development activities / milestones.

NOTE: if ordering CD on iTunes, please email info@sparklight.com.au for information on how best to use your music.

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