Black & White Books For Babies

The Books: Ribbit the Frog, Hip the Hippo & Ellie the Elephant.


When babies are small, their eyes are only able to detect large contrasts between light and dark, or black and white.

Research has also indicated that babies who were shown both black and white images and flat coloured shapes, preferred the black and white contrasts; with their eyes remaining on these images twice as long as the coloured.

For this reason Bubsi Brain offers a series of black and white books, using high contrast shapes which form fun catchy characters that not only assist in babies eye development but with each story, leads to a natural progression of development.

The books have also been found useful during tummy time (capturing babies attention), along with assisting in flat head (by placing books on preferred side).

Fun for the whole family to read over and over together.

Click HERE for more on how black and white images benefit your babies eye development.

Purchase the books from our online store.

Book SetWe loved reading the books, they were some of the only ones he found fascinating in the early days. The black and white concept really does hold babies’ attention. We still read them sometimes and he still seems to enjoy them. Thanks for a great product. – Tara

We love the Bubsibrain books! Our son is 10 months now, and enjoys interacting with the books by touching the pictures, holding them and playing peekaboo with Ribbit the frog, for example. They were the very first books we showed him back when he was a newborn, because the black and white images are so helpful for little ones’ early vision. Now, I usually put one in my bag whenever we go out because they’re the perfect size for his little hands to manage and hold, plus I like him to have a book as well as toys wherever we are.

I also like the repetition of the text and the different sizes of it. The images are very clear and striking and the choice of animal is good too, as frogs, elephants and hippos often pop up in other stories and songs so it helps to develop the familiarity with these animals. Thanks for designing such a great product. – Catherine

I purchased the gift pack for my son last year and he loves the book set even to this day and he is 16 months old. We read a least one of the books every week, if not every day – his choice as well. I love the books as well and think the content and rhyme are great and very applicable to every day life. – Monika

I actually purchased three packs because they are so good!!! One for my son Patrick who is now 10 months one for my niece who is now year old and one for a friend who’s little boy is 4months.

All the kids and parents love the books. Paddys favourite is hip the hippo. The books are easy to follow nice big pictures and they can survive those busy little hands getting a hold of them 🙂 I would often use them to help with tummy time, pop a book in front of him and he would happily stay there lifting his head to look at the pictures 🙂 – Steph

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