Can baby brain make you happy?

Baby brainThis week I have had a serious case of baby brain. Loads of ‘duh’ moments. My husband, if reading this can testify, poor man. Where are my keys? (right infront of me), where’s the baby? (under my feet), what are we having for dinner? (we’ve had dinner).

Some scientists believe in baby brain, others don’t. But regardless of the scientific facts, I believe I have it…bad.

But rather then getting upset with the memory loss or serious lack of multitasking abilities (you know how it goes – walking into a room…hmm why am I here?) I decided to embrace it…best thing ever! Here’s why –

I learnt that Baby Brain can make you happy. How? Read below (ps. better then thinking you’ve gone mad right?!)

How can Baby Brain makes you happy?

1. Forces you to be in the moment
(if you let it off course). On the days when there’s not much brain power around, I’ve started hanging out with the boys and just following them around. Playing ball, watching little insects do their insect thing…it’s therapeutic and I always end up feeling refreshed and happy. Living in the moment is an amazing thing! Click HERE for a great article on living in the moment.

2. Gives perspective. I am admittedly a workaholic. I love to write music and books and am always trying to find new ways  to interact with the boys (1 yr and 3 yrs). Great as it is (still use it everyday! Music HERE, books HERE), sometimes, I can get way too involved in a certain project and forget about just enjoying time with my boys. This week however, I let it all go. When the boys had their daytime naps, instead of working, I (please don’t judge me 🙂 ), watched reality television. Not just one day but…all week!!! Then, because I had some ‘me’ time, I was able to really enjoy the boys. And now, because I’ve had time away from my projects, I have perspective. I feel fresh and excited about it all again. I’m not saying reality TV is the answer but ‘me’ time 100% is, whatever that looks like. Click HERE on how to insert a little ‘me’ time into your day.

3. Helps you do what you actually want to do, not what you need to do. The strange thing about truly being in the moment, is that yes, perspective does come, but also, I found I ended up doing things which I’ve been wanting to do for so long. Because I had pushed away all the things I thought I had to do (thanks to the baby brain), I naturally started doing things I wanted to do i.e cleaning and making our house a haven. Cleaning?! I know, I’m weird. But simply placing pictures and plants in different spots, rearranging rooms, toys etc. I managed to create this amazing, happy space. Such a satisfying feeling! I know for others this sounds like torture, but it can be anything…excerise, finishing that letter or email which has been sitting there forever, whatever. Such a great feeling to finally get it done!

So, in wrapping this up, my point is – baby brain can be great. Who would have thought it could actually make you happy?! Hoping this helps you too! Kris x


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Photo credit: body + soul mum