Research has found that babies and children who are spoken to, sung to and read to at an early age develop language and communication skills faster than those who are not.

It has also been noted that when babies and children take part in stimulating activities, they automatically seek out new input as they explore their environment.

Children’s development at each stage can be enhanced when appropriate opportunities are offered.


Music has been proven to have a calming and positive effect on both child and parent/carer. The use of nursery rhymes and lullabies have also been noted as beneficial in establishing routines and creating happy environments.


Reading to baby and interacting through rhymes and stories has been linked to brain development. Taking the time to read to baby will also assist in creating a ‘feel good’ time between both you and baby.

Healthy Attachment

The to and fro which happens between parent and baby is not only special, but important. Baby smiles, parent smiles and so on. This is how baby learns and this eye contact assists in building a secure and healthy attachment and bond with parent/carer.

For this reason Bubsibrain has created music to assist with this positive interaction, helping you to form that special bond which helps baby feel happy and secure.


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