Created by a Mum and former Aria Nominated ABC Kids Artist, Kristina Gowlland (formerly known as Kris Karhunen), under the direction of Head Paediatrician Dr John Eastwood.

Sing Baby Sing

Baby’s first music

BABY MUSIC – Sing Baby Sing

A fun, happy baby album featuring songs such as:


Can also assist in: SETTLING * DEVELOPMENT * ROUTINE * PLAY (without overstimulating) PAEDIATRICIAN ENDORSED.

“Lifesaver! My 11 month old son has just started throwing big tantrums when I change his nappy. I play your music on my phone and he completely chills and lets me change the nappy! Thank you!” – Kerrie-Anne Bennett 


Dr John Eastwood

Bubsi Brain’s ‘SING BABY SING’ CD – simplifies baby development, making baby suggested activities fun and simple enough for the whole family to enjoy. A highly recommended tool for anyone with a newborn.

Black & White Stories For Babies

Black and White Books For Babies

BABY BOOKS – Black & White Stories for Babies

When babies are small, their eyes are only able to detect large contrasts between light and dark, or black and white. For this reason Bubsi Brain offers a series of black and white books, using high contrast shapes which form fun catchy characters. more…

“All the kids and parents love the books. Paddy’s favourite is hip the hippo. The books are easy to follow nice big pictures and they can survive those busy little hands getting a hold of them :) I would often use them to help with tummy time. Pop a book in front of him and he would happily stay there lifting his head to look at the pictures!” – Steph




Seriously whenever I put this cd on in my car it goes from unsettled crazy kids to calm and peaceful kiddies. Both Macie and Drew love listening to the songs. Drew gets upset with the little breaks between songs! ha ha! – Kristie

I like the repetition of the text and the different sizes of the books. The images are very clear and striking and the choice of animal is good too, as frogs, elephants and hippos often pop up in other stories and songs so it helps to develop the familiarity with these animals. Thanks for designing such a great product. – Catherine

‘Absolutely love the CD and never get bored of it. The tunes are soothing and happy and help mum interact with baby in a fun way during the daily routines of feeding, changing, playing and sleeping. You cannot help but smile as you sing along and bubs loves a happy face.’ – Kathryn




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