Proven by parents to work, the CD ‘SING BABY SING’ and ‘BLACK & WHITE STORIES FOR BABIES’ make baby development fun & easy! They also assist in settling baby!

Created by a Mum and former Aria Nominated ABC Kids Artist, under the direction of head Paediatrician Dr John Eastwood.

OUR MUSIC: Sing Baby Sing (CD)

Simply press play and follow along. All songs correspond directly to babies first year developmental milestones and can also be used to aid in routine and settling baby. more…

Dr John Eastwood

Bubsi Brain’s ‘SING BABY SING’ CD – simplifies baby development, making baby suggested activities fun and simple enough for the whole family to enjoy. A highly recommended tool for anyone with a newborn.

OUR BOOKS: Black & White Stories for Babies

When babies are small, their eyes are only able to detect large contrasts between light and dark, or black and white. For this reason Bubsi Brain offers a series of black and white books, using high contrast shapes which form fun catchy characters. more…

Kristie & Drew

We LOVED the newborn book series! I often put the books on the floor for bubs to look at while practising tummy time – he loves them!


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